] 5 Habits of the Local Business Holiday Shopper

5 Habits of the Local Business Holiday Shopper

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As the Holidays begin to approach, the questions start. Every business wants to know what consumers want. How do they shop? What are they looking for and when -– and where?

They also want to know how to increase revenue, which means a marketing approach that uses digital channels. With this realization, you will position yourself for the most prominent revenue event of the year: holiday shopping

Local businesses, like you, can connect with more customers by targeting consumers in the digital space with the right message. An understanding of purchasing habits will help you to create a marketing strategy to drive customers to purchase this holiday season.

Here are five habits of your local business holiday shopper:

Research begins on-line: 71% of consumer’s research shopping online before shopping in-store. 62% of those searches start on search engines. When you type in your product or service keywords, where do you show up on Bing, Yahoo, & Google?

Timing is of the essence. 47% of consumer’s begin thinking about their holiday shopping in October or earlier. 74% start their shopping in November and December. 29% prefer holiday social media and emails in late November. It’s your last chance to drive revenue for 2015. What is your digital marketing strategy for the last quarter of the year?

Your customers are looking for a digital discount: 90% of shoppers say they search for deals and discounts online before shopping in stores. Do your best to think outside the box here. What promotions are you scheduled to run this holiday season?

Real-time shopping happens on mobile: Holiday shoppers use their mobile device to look up information while they are shopping. What this means is that your competitors are targeting your customer while in your store. What are you doing to keep your customer?

Email & facebook incentivize action: 51% of consumers are likely to see an email promotion and click on it, and 25% are likely to see a Facebook promotion and click on it. Facebook currently engages 1.49 billion people. How are you marketing to the 25% of 1.49 billion people on facebook?

Finally, if your business believes it’s important to be where your customers are gathering and adopt a more streamlined approach, not only will going digital marketing increase your brand awareness and boost your return on investment, but digital marketing can help your business achieve objectives you never thought possible.

Christine Smith is Founder & CEO of smurkmedia.com. smurkmedia.com specializes in systematic processes to increase website rank & traffic through e-mail marketing, social media, SEO, SEM, PPC, and public relations. To learn more, visit http://www.smurkmedia.com.

This article is intended for informational purposes only. smurkmedia.com, nor Christine Smith, accept liability for the content of this section, or for the consequences of any actions taken by the information provided.

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